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The Chad Little Saddle

Chad Little Saddle

When Cactus Saddlery asked me to design a saddle a little over a year ago, I had some things already in mind. First and foremost, I wanted an all around saddle.  Ideally it would be for shooting, but I could then go to a roping jackpot that night and go to a sorting on the weekend.

I wanted something that would fit everybody that I’d also like for myself.

It should have a deep seat so you can sit down, but also let you still stand up to drive your horse forward on the rundown.  Those are necessary for mounted shooting.

So we designed it out of a cowhorse saddle, heavy and sturdy enough that you can rope steers in it all day.

It had to have a pretty deep pocket, so we raised the back of the cantle a bit and made the horn bigger than normal.

We made the fenders real free, so with that deep pocket you can nearly take your feet out of the stirrups and ride it. 

I got the saddle the week before I won the 2010 CMSA Worlds. After trying it out, I knew it was what I was looking for in Amarillo.  It had a big part in my taking that championship.

We’re still working on improvements.  The final version will deepen the pocket some more. The stirrups will be squared a bit, and there’ll be some other exterior look changes.

That should be on the market as of the first of the year. You can purchase saddles directly from Chad by visiting www.littlesperformancehorses.com.