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Last update03:36:23 PM GMT

Vickers and Billingsley Take Top Honors At CMSA Worlds

Gary Vickers and Tammy Billingsley found themselves at the top of the competition after the smoke cleared at the 2012 Tony Lama CMSA World Championship October 17-20, 2012, in Amarillo, Texas.

Manchester, Tennessee, cowboy Gary Vickers stayed clean and consistent through the five stages of competition to come away with the Main Match World Championship with an overall time of 82.615.

Tammy Billingsley, Missoula, MT, was the Main Match Women’s World Champion with an overall time of 83.462.  Billingsley also claimed the Women’s Open Eliminator title during the event.

New world records were set by Natalie Johnson with a time of 11.777 and Cody Clark with a time of 10.978 on Course #23.  Zane Runyan also set a record of 14.519 on course #18.

In the Eliminator competition Curt Moore took top honors in the Men’s Open with Billingsley winning the Ladies Open.  Ta-Willow Romero came away with the win in the Ladies Limited and Zane Runyan won the Men’s Limited.

The rifle competition victory was claimed by Chad Little, shotgun by John Clark, and cavalry by Rick Deckena.

Over 280 competitors participated in the run for the highest payout in the history of the sport of Mounted Shooting.  Over a 4 day period CMSA awarded over $170,000 in cash and prizes.

For complete results, visit www.cmsaevents.com.

2012 CMSA World Champions By Class
L1 Linda Woul
L2 Alisa Peters
L3 Dallie Rose Bean
L4 Samantha Erdmann
L5 Laura Pikop
L6 Tammy Billingsley
M1 Michael May
M2 Mike Leedom
M3 Heithe Williams
M4 Roy Bean
M5 Taylor Marley
M6 Gary Vickers
SL1 Maria Haaby
SL2 Dawn Hamm
SL3 Celia Boyd
SL4 Kim Redo
SL5 Cindy Griggs
SL6 Tisha Deckena
SM1 Mike Robb
SM2 Jerry Jacobs
SM3 Blair Philippi
SM4 Dale Howell
SM5 Rick Jones
SM6 Rick Deckena
WRL Cooper Smitley
WRO Biven Chapman