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Last update03:36:23 PM GMT

CMSA’S Tony Lama 2013 World Championship Winners Announced

The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association TM (CMSA) held its 2013 Tony Lama World Championship at the Tri-State Expo in Amarillo, Texas with over 370 shooters competing with a record payout of cash and prizes.


Chad Little of St. Michael, MN was the Overall Cowboy and World Champion with his total time of 76.232 over 5 stages and the Overall Cowgirl honors went to Tammy Billingsley of Darby, MT with a total time of 80.435 as she continued her title from 2012.  Rookie of the Year honors went to David Peters a Senior Men’s level 2 with 7292 points.

Class winners of the Ladies’ divisions included: Lacy Fagg – L1, Kaley Twyford-L2, Brittany Henson – L3, Torrie Philippi – L4, Lisa DeGeare – L5 and Tammy Billingsley – L6.  Men’s division winners were: Cole Salopek – M1, Colin Esau – M2, Zane Runyan – M3, Marty Hagedon – M4, Paul Cain – M5 and Chad Little – M6.

Senior Class winners for the ladies: Karen Smith – SL1, Tracy Gooch – SL2, Julie Burger – SL3, Kelli Shryock – SL4, Diana Olson – SL5 and Tisha Deckena – SL6.  Men’s winners were: Sandy Williams – SM1, Mike Robb – SM2, Lee Stuckey – SM3, Terry Boyd – SM4, Mike DeGeare – SM5 and Jim Rodgers – SM6.

Cavalry Class winner was Mike Lewallen, Taylor’s & Co. Rifle Class winner was Jim Hanson and Cimarron Shotgun Class winner was Matt Sronce.  Cimarron Eliminator winner was Taylor Robertson in the Ladies Limited and Zane Runyan in the Men’s Limited class.  Tammy Billingsley captured the Ladies Open Eliminator division and Jim Hanson held on for the Men’s Open Eliminator.

AQHA titles were captured by Zane Runyan in the Amateur Division, Chad Little in the Open Division, Blair Philippi in the Select Amateur and Lisa DeGeare in the Youth.

APHA winners included Maria Lasley-Amateur Classic, Marty Hagedon-Amateur Master, Dakota Medley-Open Cowboy and Trevor Lewallen in the Youth division.

Visit the CMSA web site at www.cowboymountedshooting.com for complete results and total times for each competitor.

Photo Credit : Mark Quigley